Safety at Work

  • Contact your Employee Assistance Program immediately for confidential assistance.
  • Inform the supervisor of the potential for abuse as soon as possible.
  • If you cannot talk to your supervisor, check your company’s domestic violence policy to identify the person to whom you should speak.
  • Discuss the situation with your employer before your job is in jeopardy due to poor performance or absenteeism.
  • Provide the employer with enough information to take advantage of all resources available.
  • Give a picture of the batterer and the batterer’s vehicle to security guards and colleagues at the workplace.  If the batterer shows up, security or other workplace personnel can order the batterer to leave or call the police.
  • Keep a copy of your protection order at work.  Notify a supervisor or the Human Resources Department of the existence of the order and give them a copy.
  • Designate type of time and length of time needed in the event time off is needed.
  • Take advantage of alternate work schedules and flextime if possible to take care of court appearances, shelter and child care issues.
  • Inform supervisor of abuse that occurs via the telephone.
  • Have your calls, visitors, mail, and packages screened.  Screen calls with voice-mail or a machine if possible, or ask a receptionist or a colleague to screen calls.  Do not accept packages you didn’t order or do not recognize.
  • Keep emergency contact information up to date. Make sure your employer and all receptionists know it’s unlisted and that your telephone number and address are not to be given to anyone.
  • Keep lines of communication open even during extended time off.
  • Pay attention to keys, locks, and security codes.
  • Travel to or from work with another person.  If your name is on a reserved space, have it removed.  Be alert to anyone watching or following you on foot or by car.
  • Leave the building with others if possible.

For further information please contact the Residential Service Program Coordinator at

419-228-4357 or 877-228-4357