What I Need to Take When I Leave: Be prepared.  Have these items or copies of these items already gathered and/or in a place outside of the home.  DO NOT STAY TO GET THEM AT THE TIME OF THE INCIDENT. NOTHING IS MORE VALUABLE THAN YOUR LIFE. Everything can be replaced or retrieved at a later time.


  • Identification
  • Driver’s license or State ID, car title & registration
  • Children’s birth certificates
  • Birth certificate and marriage license
  • Money, credit cards, ATM card,
  • Protection Order
  • Lease, rental agreement, house deed
  • Checkbook, bank book, & withdraw slips
  • Health insurance or medical card
  • Insurance papers
  • House and Car keys
  • Medications
  • Address book
  • Pictues (family photos)
  • Medical/Vaccination records
  • Social Security cards
  • Welfare identification
  • School records
  • Work permits
  • Divorce papers, including custody & visitation orders
  • Child support order
  • Children’s small toys, blankets, etc.
  • A change of clothes for self and children
  • Pets (if you can)
  • Write down partner’s SS & DOB
  • Safety plan
  • Small objects to sell
  • Military ID cards for self and children
  • Green card & immigration papers
  • Passport for self and children
  • Jewelry
  • Community resource numbers



MG 02/2017