Safety Planning with Technology

Safety Planning with Technology

Protect your location:

  • Check all your mobile devices, apps, and accounts to see if they are sharing your location
  • You can also call your service provider to see if your location sharing services are in use
  • Turning location off on iPhone: Open Settings -> tap ‘Privacy’ -> tap ‘Location Services’ -> tap ‘Turn Off’
  • Turning location off on Android: Open Settings -> find ‘Accounts’ and tap on ‘Google’ -> scroll down to ‘Manage your Account & Personalization’ -> look under ‘Activity controls’ -> from this point you can turn off or pause various activities


  • Change passwords and usernames from a safe device and don’t access these accounts from a device you think is being monitored
  • Put a pass code on your phone or change your pass code
  • Keep Bluetooth off as often as possible so no devices are able to connect to yours
  • Download a safety app that immediately connects to 911


  • Go through all of your apps and online accounts to make sure there are no other accounts connected to yours
  • Delete unfamiliar apps or apps that you don’t use
  • Look for spikes in your data usage to make sure no monitoring software or spyware is being used

For further information please contact the Residential Service Program Coordinator at:

    419-228-4357 or 877-228-4357