Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer and Intern Application

Volunteers are a critical component to Crossroads’ operation and to those we serve. We depend on volunteers to perform a variety of functions, such as:
Board of Trustees
Crossroads Crisis Center is under the direction of a Board of Trustees who enhance the foundational strength of our agency.  Board members are chosen according to the agency’s By-laws and are responsible for effective implementation of Crossroads’ mission.
Shelter program volunteers undergo a rigorous training wherein they are trained in all aspects of the shelter operations. After training, they may work directly with victims and/or their children, be responsible for shelter coverage and security, answer crisis phone calls, give information and referrals, process intakes, work with the support groups, assist in child care, work with youth and children’s programs, shop for groceries and supplies, assist with transportation and provide general office support.  
In order to consistently provide quality services for the growing numbers of people seeking help, Crossroads needs a strong financial base.  Community fundraising events are  necessary to expand the dollars that are received through grants, United Way funds, foundations, donations, etc.  Volunteers are needed to help contact donors, operate a fundraising campaign and work on special fundraising events.
Another way of contributing to Crossroads is by physically working on the house, garage and yard.  Volunteers can help with repairs, cleaning, organizing, mowing, trimming, weeding, and general upkeep of the shelter.  
Pet Foster Parent
 Crossroads is looking for individuals who are animal lovers!  We have recently set up a Pet Foster Care Program for residents living in the shelter.  Many times survivors have pets and do now that to leave their pets behind with their abuser, so we have developed a program which allows volunteers to become pet foster parents!  Pet foster parents take the survivor’s pet home with them and care for it temporarily. Food and care items are provided to the foster parents, but foster parents may purchase items to donate if they wish. Once the survivor is in their new home, we will reunite the pet with their owner.