Vehicle Security

  • Park in well-lit or secured areas.  Avoid lots where doors must be left unlocked or keys surrendered; if necessary, just give the attendant or valet the ignition key.  Do not allow items to be placed in or removed from the trunk except in your presence.
  • When you are parking in your residence garage, turn the light on, and lock the car and the garage doors.
  • Install a locking gas cap.  The hook-locking device should be controlled from inside the vehicle.
  • Always check the back and front passenger areas before getting into your car.
  • Find a reliable service station and mechanic for service, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Keep your doors locked while you’re driving.
  • Be alert for vehicles that appear to be following you.  If you believe you are being followed, drive to the nearest police or fire station.  Sound the horn to attract attention.  If a police station isn’t easily accessible, drive to a heavily populated area such as a mall.  Plan ahead and know where these places are located.
  • Vary your schedule and routes.
  • Do not stop to assist stranded motorists.  Drive to the nearest safe telephone and call someone to help.
  • Get a car phone.  Many cellular phones can also be carried in a purse when you’re out of the car.  Service packages are available that can keep the monthly maintenance cost fairly low if the phone is not used often.
  • Shop at stores and shopping centers with security personnel.  Ask them to escort or watch you as you go to your car.  Many libraries, health clubs, and other businesses provide escorts.  Find out and use their services.  If your stalker tries to approach you in public, scream and run to the nearest populated area.

For further information please contact the Residential Service Coordinator at

419-228-4357 or 877-228-4357