Safety at Home

Safety at home

  • Try to always keep a phone nearby. Sometimes a defunct cell phone will still be able to call 911. In order for the phone to call 911, it has to have a working signal and a charged battery. It does not have to have a contract with a carrier.


  • Plan what your children should do in a violent situation. Where should they go, a room in the house, a neighbor’s house, or a spot down the street, etc. Decide if you want them to call 911 and if so, show them how.


  • Talk with someone that you trust. Develop a code word or signal with a friend or family member.


  • Keep a bag packed and hidden in a safe place or at home in case the abuse escalates.


If the abuse escalates and you are in danger


  • Keep your phone with you.


  • Know numbers to call for help.


  • Use your instincts and judgment. Do what you need to do to stay safe, this could mean doing what your partner wants.